MRBC Sunday Service 26th July 2020

For Discussion and Reflection

Read Isaiah 53:4-10

  1. Why is it that we can think of Calvary as the day of vengeance of our God?

Read Isaiah 61:1-3

  1. Mark mentioned that the Messiah was a liberator, but what do you think the overall purpose of liberation is?
  2. Hugh Macmillan said sorrow and suffering play a gracious part in the moral economy of the world. How do you think God may use our sorrow and suffering to bless us and further His kingdom?
  3. Joy changes our perspective on how we view the problems and pressures of life. How can we recover joy from mourning and how do you think this passage may help?
  4. Why is praising God so important in countering despair? How has the present pandemic affected our ability to praise God? What positive things may God be teaching us through it?