MRBC Sunday Service 2nd August 2020

The Service will premiere at 10-30am on Sunday and will be available on demand afterwards.

For Discussion & Reflection

Read Isaiah 61:3, 1:27, 57:4-5; Hosea 4:13 and Ezekiel 6:13

1. What do you think was the attraction of oak trees (and similar large hardwoods) as objects of idol worshippers?   What do the scriptures given tell of the idolatrous practices held under sacred oaks?  

2. What sacred places do we find in the Bible where God was worshipped?   What has been your experience of visiting “sacred places” whether Christian or otherwise?

3. Of God’s people, Isaiah 61:3 says They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord  for the display of his splendour.   What are the fundamental differences between sacred oaks and these “oaks of righteousness?” 

Read Isaiah 61:4-9

4. What other benefits are afforded the people the Messiah has rescued?   How do these differ from what the setup was for the people of Israel? 

5.  How might these verses help us in understanding what church should be like in these days when we can’t use our building (much)?