MRBC Sunday Service 16th August 2020

Our speaker this Sunday is again Rev Beth Powney, one of our Regional Minister Team who will be taking us through Psalm 30. The service starts at 10-30am, can be paused or run back at any time during the serivce (as in BBC iPlayer) and will appear as a standard YouTube video afterwards.

Steve referred to the International Justice Mission during the service. They can be found at

For Reflection & Discussion

Read Psalm 30

  1. What do we learn of the readiness of God to forgive and restore when we sin, go through a difficult time of doubt or falling away from Him? (3-4)    Have we ever had an experience of this in our lives?   How does this verse help us as we think of family and friends who don’t know the Lord or who have fallen away?
  2. The psalm is about healing from an illness.   The wording suggests the psalmist saw the illness as a product of God’s anger against him.  Is there a connection between sin and sickness?   Or sickness and punishment?
  3. What does the passage tell us of God’s willingness to forgive and restore?  Have you any experiences of God’s healing or of restoration in your life?  How did that affect your spiritual life afterwards?
  4. Beth talks about the way in which we often have to let go of things we think important in order to move on in our spiritual lives.  In the context of the situation right now as far as coronavirus and lockdown is concerned, is God trying to show us what sorts of things may God be asking us to let go of?   How might the closing verses on dependence on God help is as we reflect on this?