MRBC Sunday Service 23rd August

The link for the Open Doors story is at

I can’t find a link for the Leprosy Mission hospital story in the service video but here is the latest news from The Leprosy Mission.

For Reflection and Discussion

Read 1 Peter 2:1-10

  1.  The Old Covenant had a Temple, priests and sacrifices.   The New Covenant also has all three, but how do they differ from what the Jews had?    Try to think why?
  2. The benefit of being a priest was access to God.   We have that kind of access as priests and Mark talked about interceding for others as being part of our priestly role?  How difficult do we find that?  What sorts of things have encouraged us to pray for others?
  3. “That’s why talking of worship as just singing praises is wrong.  It’s selling God short.  He doesn’t want our songs, however good or bad.  He wants us, lock stock and barrel.  When he has, anything else we call worship becomes truly meaningful. “    Do you agree with this statement?   Why or why not?
  4. “Ultimately, we are the most significant evidence that Jesus exists.  We are priests.  It’s supposed to be like that.”   Has the lockdown helped you think about how you are the hands and feet of Jesus to others?   How may it help us as we think of re-opening ministries in the church in the coming months?