MRBC Sunday Service 13th September 2020

The video is ready to watch now. You don’t have to wait until 10-30am for it to come online.

Our special speaker this Sunday is Nick Mott who works for London City Mission in North London, being based at Silver Street Community Church in Edmonton. He brings the Good News to Turkish people and other Muslims living in this part of London. LCM were not able to send Nick as a live speaker at what is our first service back at Maidstone Road, but gave us two videos, one where Nick tells us somehting of his ministry, and the other, a sermon on the early chapters of Genesis.

If you want to know more of the work of London City Mission, they have loads of stuff on their website If you would like to give financially to the work of LCM, then click on the orange Donate button on the home page. Please indicate that you are from Maidstone Road Baptist Church. If you would prefer to donate over the phone LCM is contactable on 020 7407 7585 and will take card details over the phone. If you would prefer to give by cheque, their address is 175 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2AH.

For Reflection and Discussion

  1.  Nick asked us what scriptures do we know that show Jesus is both Lord and Saviour?   Nick suggested a few references but there are many more.   Have an explore of your Bible and see what you can find.
  2. Read Genesis 3.  Adam and Eve had the privilege of actually walking with God in the garden.  What do you think made them turn around and disobey Him?   Having sinned, what was their excuse?  When we don’t walk close to Jesus, what’s ours?
  3. Why is it important to have a clear idea of Jesus being Creator, Judge and Saviour?  How may it affect the urgency of how we speak of Jesus to others?

Take time to pray for one another and also for Nick and the work of London City Mission.