EBA Week of Prayer 21st to 25th September

This week would have seen the EBA Annual Gathering happening on Saturday. Like so many events this year this has had to adapt and change.

Back in May the EBA team facilitated some Zoom discussions with about 50 of our ministers entitled “What do we think God is saying” and out of those discussions have come five themes, one for each day this week. On our website you will find resources for each day which will include a Biblical reflection, prayer points and an interview to promote further thought and discussion around each of the topics.  We invite you to join us each day as together we pray into each theme.

A pdf version of the programme is here: https://www.easternbaptist.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/20-09-20-EBA-Week-of-Prayer-.pdf

EBA Prayer Zoom Meeting  Time: 9.30am

To join these Zoom Meetings use the link that was emailed with the Friday Fellowship Prayers. If you don’t receive that, then contact Mark at pastor@mrbcfelixstowe.org.uk and he will send it on to you.

We have also added an evening gathering – Wednesday 8pm

Understandably this isn’t always possible so we would encourage you in your prayer times this week to reflect on these five themes.

  • Monday – Discipleship is more than programmes

Who am I praying for to come to faith? How is someone I know going to come to faith?

  • Tuesday – Discipleship is relational

How do I make the best of God given opportunities with my closest friends and neighbours?

What am I able to bring to   my small group?

  • WednesdayDiscipleship happens where God places us

I am Jesus’s representation here and now therefore what am I doing and who do I meet Monday to Saturday?

How am I showing Jesus to these people who I spend time with?

  • Thursday – Discipleship in Lockdown makes new connections

During this time who has my church made new connections with?

How can I help grow these connections and disciple these individuals?

  • Friday – Discipleship means still listening to God and going deeper with God

How well am I rooted in God? What fruit for Jesus am I producing? Am I prepared to go where God is calling me?