MRBC Harvest Service Sunday 4th October 2020

This Sunday, our Service is our annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service, and it’s a special one as we are observing it as a Tearfund Sunday with a talk by Tearfund Speaker, Angela Cox.

The Sunday Service 4th October 2020

The Tearfund presentation features Tamam’s story, which is the organisation’s current appeal. More information and how to donate to Tearfund can be found at their website If you would like to donate by phone their number is 020 3906 3906 and their address for cheques is Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8QE. Many thanks to Angela for speaking and to Tearfund for producing many of the materials in our service this morning.

Many thanks for those who donated gifts of food and toiletries for our harvest display. This will go to the two local youth and disability housing projects now called Sanctuary Supported Housing and Access Community Trust.  Thanks too for those who set it up. Pictures will appear at the beginning of the service video.

For Reflection and Discussion

  1. What picture comes into your mind when you hear the word refugee? Why is it do you think that many are so hostile to refugees coming into their countries? Is that justified? Listen again to the sermon or look at Tamam’s story at
  2. Read Leviticus 23:22 and Ruth 2:1-12. How were the Israelites supposed to treat the foreigners that came into their land (or for that matter, the poor in their own land)?
  3. What motivated Boaz, do you think to look favourably on Ruth? How many of these values can we see taught in the New Testament to those who follow Christ?
  4. Apart from supporting Tearfund and similar organisations, what other thaings can we do to show compassion to the poor and strangers in our society?

Harvest Display Pictures