MRBC Sunday Service 18th October 2020


We saw a typo on the video after it went out. Please note that the Special Church Meeting is on TUESDAY 20th October at 7-30pm at the church. If yoiu are a church member, please try to get there as we are voting on an important resolution that will alllow us to make application to become a registered charity as a CIO.

For Reflection & Discussion

Read 1 Thessalonians 2:1-16

  1. This passage involved Paul responding to the criticisms and opposition of Jews to the Gentile church in Thessalonica.  What opposition and criticisms does the church have today in our land?
  2. Why is being transparent and acting with integrity so important in our relationships, in the church and in our dealing with the world at large?
  3. Paul talked about being transparent in three respects; in our motives, in our actions and in our witness?   Why are these so important when we face criticisms?  Could we say the same as Paul when others criticise us – can we say “you know me”, or point to your actions, or know that the Holy Spirit shines through you?   
  4. We all go through difficulties in life.  We have a God who is with us through the hard times. How much do we ever think that as a means of witness to others?  
  5. Do you have someone who you can trust at times when you are most vulnerable?  How trustworthy are you with others’ vulnerabilities?

Pray that God to challenge you as you your transparency and integrity, and how much you can trust and be trusted.