Bible Sunday Service 2020

Our service for 25th October is a Bible Sunday Service with special speaker, Dr Andrew Ollerton from Bible Society.

Dr Andrew Ollerton is a theologian, pastor and writer of the well-know Bible Course which Bible Society produce. He’s got a reputation of being able to communicate complex things from God’s word in a clear and engaging way. If you want to know more about Andy or the Bible Course, then the link for it is here.

More information on today’s Bible Sunday items and about Bible Society generelly, it can be found on their website at

If you would like to give to the work of Bible Society, you can do that online by logging on to their donation page where you can give as a one-off or a regular amount and specify a particular BS work you would like to give to, as well as use Gift Aid. If you want to send them a gift by post then their address is Bible Society, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7DG

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For Reflection and Discussion

Read Nehemiah 8:1-12

  1.  Have you experienced any life-changing experiences through reading the Bible or known God’s direction through any specific Bible passage?   What role did other people play in you discerning God’s will through His word.
  2. After listening to or reading the transcript of Andy’s sermon today, is there a next step we think we should be taking with God’s word? (A study course, reading books to help us interpret the Bible, join a study group, use internet resources are just some examples.)
  3. How can the Bible provide a safe place to process our experiences and face our fears together?