MRBC Celebration Service 2020

The MRBC Celebration Service is the way we “do” our AGM, as we look back at what the Lord has done in the past year, celebrate the present and look forward to the future. The nature of 2020 meant that we covered some aspects of the AGM in our Church Meeting on 10th November, particularly the aspects requiring a vote as this is a recorded service. The Forward Dates referred to in the video are below. Please look too in the Weekly Sheet for details of the Prayer Week and services up to Advent.

For Reflection and Discussion

The purpose of this reflection is to explore some of the breadth and depth of Psalm 139 which Mark only grazed around this morning. It’s an awesome psalm, but it is one that also challenges our values as well as helping define them.

Read Psalm 139

  1. Just how well does God actually know us? (Verses 1-6) What does verse 5 suggest about God’s intentions toward us?
  2. Why are verses 7-12 such an encouragement to us, particularly at times we feel distant from God? When we do feel distant, should we be claiming these truths before God in prayer?
  3. In verses 13-18 we see the Psalmist has a sense of awe towards the God who created him. At times like these when all the problems of the world pressurise us, why is it important to have a sense of awe of God? How may worship help that (a psalm is a worship song after all).
  4. What do you think it means for us to hate those whom God hates? (verse 19-22) Who are they? What does hating such mean in reality for Christians?
  5. How might verses 23 and 24 help us in understanding the nature of 19-22?

Forthcoming Events 2020-21

Leadership Team Meetings 2021

5th Jan, 2nd Feb, 2nd Mar, 3rd  Apr, 4th May, 1st Jun,

6th July,  3rd Aug,  7th Sep,  5th Oct, 2nd Nov, 7th Dec

Church Meetings 2021

12th Jan, 9th Mar, 11th May, 13th Jul,  14th Sep,

9th Nov  (Date of AGM 21st)

Prayer Meetings

5th December 2020, 2nd Jan, 6th Feb, 6th Mar, 3rd Apr, 1st May, 5th June, 3rd July, 7th Aug, 4th Sep, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec

Advent Course

Mondays 23rd Nov to 21st Dec (5 Sessions)  7-30pm on Zoom

Christmas Services 2020

At church and online

Sunday 13th December

10-30am  Nativity Service

Sunday 20th December

10-30am  Carol Service

Christmas Day

10-30am Christmas Celebration (online only)

30th December

10-30am A Second Helping of Christmas (with J John)


CTF Pilgrimage   23rd January

CTF  Unity Service (online) 24th January

Lent Course – watch this space

Mothering Sunday, Easter – watch this space