MRBC Sunday Service 6th December 2020

This is our service for the 2nd Sunday in Advent, which is a Communion Service, so do have bread and wine/juice ready. If you would like to light your own advent candles, please have them ready too.

This service will premiere at 10-30am on Sunday and be available on demand afterwards.

For those of you viewing on a Smart TV, this video is on YouTube at

For discussion & reflection

Read John 6:41-59. You may also wish to look back at Andrew’s sermon on video or in the service transcript whilst considering the points below.

  1. Why do you think John 6 is so important in understanding what was behind the Last Supper, described in the other three Gospels, and therefore our celebration of Communion?
  2. Jesus said “I am the Bread of Life.”  Why is this title of Jesus important to us in understanding the significance of breaking bread in Communion?  You may want to look at Andrew’s list of quotes from Jesus in John’s Gospel in the Sermon.
  3. Why are Advent and Communion both a witness to us and a witness to others about the life that Jesus brings?