MRBC Nativity Service 13th December 2020

Welcome to our Nativity Service for 2020. Our Nativity Play this year is a little different, as it is the product of many cameras, phones and tablets, all stitched together to make a play. A big thank you to all those who sent us videos and all those children (and adults!) who took part. Please note, that there were a couple of scenes missing in the version that premiered. We now have an updated version. Our apologies for the omission. Please click on the link below which will take you to the video..

If you have a smart TV or would like to view it on the YouTube app, you can view the service at

There are no items for discussion and reflection this week.

If you were challenged by the message today and want to talk about it further, or have accepted Jesus or recommitted your life to him, then do get in touch. We can be reached on or by direct messaging us via our Facebook Page.