MRBC Sunday Service 10th January 2021

Items for Reflection and Discussion

  1.  We have now worshipped in this unconventional way for 10 months.   What has been the downside of doing church this way, and what for you have been positives in your walk with God and relationship with others in the church? 

Read Acts 2:42-47.  

  • In verse 42 we read that “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”   We associate at least three of these as what we do as part of worship services.   Why are all these things of importance in the life of the church?
  • Do we really need a building to worship God in?   Where were the early church worshipping?  
  • In what way may we be short sighted in thinking that worship is only singing praise or something done in a worship service.  Romans 12:1 may help here.  In what ways may our lives be worship?