C-Kers Online 9

Hi everyone – we’re back! Yes, it’s been a while since Christmas and the fab Nativity Play. You were all a bunch of heroes in that! Strangely encough, that’s the theme for the first part of 2021 in C-Kers: Bible Heroes. Our hero this month is really well known – Noah. Yes. he’s the one with the Ark and the animals that went in two by two. So let’s have a listen to his story.

Noah was saved because he trusted God and the rainbow is in the sky to show that He will never flood the world in that way again, but it’s a reminder to us that He wants us to follow Him. Most of all, He wants us to follow Jesus who died for us on the Cross.

Here’s a picture of a really good rainbow I took at Felixstowe Ferry. You can even see that it started to become a double one. Have you seen a double one before, or even a triple one? You get rainbows when it starts to rain on a sunny day and the sun shines through the droplets and white sunlight to split into its primary colours. Can you remember all the colours of the rainbow? How many can you see in the picture? Each time you see a rainbow, remember that God loves you and wants you to be His friend.

We’re all stuck in Lockdown again aren’t we? So was Noah and his family; for 40 days. I’m sure they had plenty to do with all those animals to feed and muck out! Even though we are stuck indoors too, I’m sure there are plenty of things to do – like School work!

But when you’re not doing that, why not be a bit of a hero yourself? Use the opportunity to be colourful and think on what you can do to make Lockdown a bit nicer for others. Here’s a friend of mine called Nick, who has a little furry friend called Stew who’s going to do a magic trick with a rainbow of colours. Then thinks about doing something for someone else.

So why not make something nice for someone? Here’s a Noah’s Ark you can colour in and make for someone. You’ll need to be able to print off the three files below and then follow the instructions.

Still a little bored with Lockdown? Try competing against one another in your family in this Scavenger Hunt. Download and print the sheet below and off you go.

What other things can we learn from the story of Noah? Here’s a list someone once thought of.

That’s it for this edition. See you next time, which hopefully won’t be as long as last time! We’ve had a rabbit today, so lets finish with some pandas singing about dinosaurs!