MRBC Communion Service 7th February 2021

This Sunday it’s Communion so do bring some bread and wine/juice. We shall also be looking at the subject “Committed to Serve”. The video premieres from 10-30am and is on demand afterwards.

If you would like a printed Lent Course booklet, contact Mark by MONDAY MORNING, 8th February, and he will put it on order with CTF, otherwise, you will need to order it via the York Courses website. You need to go to this link – and select Printed Booklet under the heading Digital/non-digital.

You can order the boklet as an ebook, but unless you know what an epub or a mobi formatted e-book is, you are strongly advised to order the printed booklet. If you have already paid for and downloaded an ebook and are stuck with a useless file, please contact Mark who will be able to rescue you.

The course can be studied individually by non-Zoomers or those without internet. If you know of someone in this situation, please let Mark know as soon as possible as they will need an extra booklet with material that only comes up in the Zoom sessions.

For Reflection & Discussion

1. When Jesus died on the cross, in what respect was He serving God and what respect was He serving our needs? What can we learn from this about serving one another?

2. How did the early church serve one another in Acts 2:42-47? Do we apply how they served one another literally or are there underlying principles? What should be the purpose of our service to God and to one another?

3. The ealy church acted in a way that attracted the favour “of all the people.” Their reputation was a positive one that resulted in people coming to Christ. What is our reputation? Does it need to change? How is it going to change?