MRBC Sunday Service 14th February 2021

The service will premiere at 10-30am this coming Sunday and will appear below.

Valentine’s videos referred to in the Service:

St Who? (2015)

Cancel Valentines (2021)


Read Acts 2:41-47

1. Why is fellowship so important in developing strong Christians and strong churches? In the past few weeks we have seen five ways in which the early church was committed. Which of these are strong in our church, and which need attention?

2. Why is love such an important ingredient in everything we say and do as a church? List the ways in which the disciples expressed their love for one another. How much do they reflect how we do things now?

3. The early disciples were given to hospitality, which as we heard in the sermon, is an important way in which human beings interact. How do you think we may use hospitality as a way of sharing Jesus with others?

4. In a world where our options could be limited for a while and where we have an ageing congregation, in what ways do you think we can make others understand that Jesus is real, our faith is life-changing in a way that they would be drawn to us like a magnet?

5. For us to personally reflect on: what is my life saying about my faith in Christ?


The Lent Course starts on next Sunday. Details you need are below. Course booklets can be ordered directly from York Courses