MRBC Sunday Service 21st February 2021

The service premieres at 10-30am and will be available on demand aferwards for about a month. Other documentation will be made available here before the service commences.

If you watch via a smart TV, you may prefer to go via our YouTube channel.

For Reflection and Discussion

1. What things or people do you most identify as belonging to? Why is it important to you that you belong to them? As a Christian, what labels of belonging may be attached to you?

2. Read 1 Corinthians 3:21-23. Paul, Apollos and Peter were all exceptional Christian leaders, so what was so wrong in people identifying strongly with them? What does “everything belongs to us” suggest to us about how we should deal with Christian groups and personalities we come across?

3. Read through 1 Corinthians 12:12-26. Why is it so important to be part of a local church? How should we respond to people who have different skills and ideas to ourselves? How did the early Christians deal with it in Acts 2:42-47?

4. Can you really believe and not belong to a local church?

Have you decided which Lent Course Session you are going on this week?