MRBC Communion Service 7th March 2021

Today we have a Communion Service which premieres at 10-30am and will be available to view on demand until the end of March. Please provide your own bread and wine for communion.


Next Sunday is our annual Mothering Sunday Service, online at 10-30am.

For Reflection and Discussion

It is suggested that you read through the sermon transcript again before answering these questions.

1. God’s name is holy? What does that mean to you? Andrew took us through some of the names of God in the Bible and also talked about the words used to described God in different civilizations. Why is it that as Christians we address God using different names for Him? Wh should we never take the name of God lightly?

2. Why is it important that we pray in the name of Jesus?

3. We have a God who calls us by name. What does that tell us about the nature of our relationship with Him? How may that help us in our prayer lives, particularly when we go through difficulties in life?