MRBC Sunday Service 21st March 2021

Our service premieres at 10-30am and can be viewed on demand for 28 days.

For Reflection and Discussion

Read John 11:1-48

1. What may we learn about how God works in relation to our prayers from verses 1-16?

2. In verses 17-27 we read of Martha’s exchange with Jesus as He arrived in Bethany. What do you think she was expecting Jesus to do at that point (verse 22)?

3. Jesus speaks the well-known words in verses 25-26 followed by “Do you believe this?” The answer seems to suggest that she didn’t really understand the importance of what Jesus said. What do you think she may have understood in what she replied to Jesus?

4. The discussions with Martha Mary and others at the tomb indicated that their expectancy of what God can do fell far short of what God was purposing here. How can we avoid falling into the trap of low expectancy in prayer?

5. The religious people tried to kill Jesus even more after He raised Lazarus from death. Try to think of examples in our experience and generation where Christians have acted in clear opposition to the word of God and the gospel. Think too of how our behaviour and prayer lives may be shaped by prejudices and misconceptions. How can we identify them and repent of them?