MRBC Palm Sunday Service 2021

The service will premiere on YouTube at 10-30am and be available for approximately 28 days on demand. The Weekly Sheet will be posted here when it becomes available

For Discussion & Reflection

Read Mark 11:12-27 Isaiah 56:6-7 and Jeremiah 4:1-11

1. To what extend did Herod’s Temple fulfil the principles of Isaiah 56:6-7? In what ways do you think the practices of marketplace traders in the Court of the Gentiles may be reflected in the modern day church? In what other ways may how we use our church’s resources and buildings discourage those that seek God?

2. Why do you think Jesus used the extreme examples of actually killing a fig tree and talking about moving mountains into the sea when talking about prayers of faith? How do we know when it’s reasonable to pray for seemingly impossible things, or for that matter, praying through situations that are unclear?

3. Why is it so important that we forgive people we hold anything against. How do we find it in our heart to forgive when we have been grievously wronged? What about feelings we have about people who have died?

4. Jesus reacted angrily and physically in removing the traders and moneychangers from the Temple. In what circumstances do you think that it is OK to feel angry and act dramatically because of it?