C-kers Online Easter Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to our Easter edition of C-Kers Online. This comes out on Sunday 4th April; Easter Sunday, or as we prefer to call it, Resurrection Day. It is the Sunday that Jesus rose again from the dead, after being crucified, died and buried on the Friday. In our first video, Scruffy and Jan explore the meaning of Easter through his misadventures.

So what is Easter really about? Here’s a video written by J John that re-tells the story of Jesus life, death and resurrection and what it should mean to us. Enjoy.

After all the time spent home under Lockdown, you may be looking around for things to do if the weather’s a bit dodgy for the rest of the school holidays. Here’s a few activities we’ve got for you to try. As usual, you’ll need to be able to print the stuff out.

The first item is a craft project to create the scene of Mary Magdalene at the tomb of Jesus out of two plastic cups – great for the imagination this one! The first pdf file has a list of the items you will need.

We have puzzle and colour-in activities too if craft isn’t your thing.

That’s all for this edition. Let’s finish with some music. Our Worship Group did a song for Resurrection Sunday. Quite a few of them are Leaders in Wednesday and Sunday C-Kers. How many of them can you spot?