MRBC Resurrection Sunday Service 4th April 2020

Our service will premiere here at 10-30am on Sunday Morning and will be available on demand for about a month. There is no Service Transcript available for this service.

If you accepted Jesus for yourself as a result of listening to John’s sermon this morning or would like to know more about becoming a Christian or about the Christian faith, we’d be happy for you to get in touch with us by email at or via our Facebook page Our phone contact details are on our website’s contact page.

J John appears courtesy of the Philo Trust and we are grateful for his resources which have been used in our Easter services this year. Dai Woolridge appears courtesy of Bible Society. Do have a look at their website and prayerfully consider contributing to their Easter appeal.

The Worship Group video is also available HERE as a standalone video.

Our C-Kers Easter Edition will be out on Sunday Morning 4th April. Please let children and families know it’s available. It has the Resurrection story, an item by Jan and Scruffy as well as some craft ideas based around the resurrection. Do take a look for yourself. You can also get to it by clicking on the link to your right which will appear when it becomes available.