MRBC Sunday Service – Unanswered Prayer 2

This is the second in a series of five special services based around 24-7 Prayer’s Unanswered Prayer Course, with Pete Greig of 24-7 prayer, presenter Gemma Hunt and special guest Simon Thomas, ex-Blue Peter prsenter. Sorry, there is only an outline in the Service Transcript again, but do think through the Items for Reflection and Discussion.

Unanswered Prayer is one of two courses produced by 24-7 Prayer to help us draw closer to God through prayer and you can find further details, as well as information about the main Prayer Course which Pete refers to in the video, at Now the video is off our website, it can still be viewed on this link.

Pete also has a book called God on Mute from which most of the themes in Prayer Unanswered are drawn. There are paperback, Kindle and audiobook versions available on Amazon The paperback version is also available from all good Christian bookshops. Chapters 2 to 6 cover today’s theme.

For Reflection & Discussion

Bible passages from the session
Mark 14:32-37, Psalm 23, Romans 5:3-4

1. What did you find most helpful, inspiring or challenging in what Pete Greig, Gemma Hunt and Simon Thomas shared?
2. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus shares with his friends that “[His] soul is overwhelmed to the point of death” – what are the barriers or obstacles you face when sharing honestly or openly with friends? Would anyone be willing to share about a time in which their soul felt ‘overwhelmed’?
3. What happens to your prayer life when you are feeling overwhelmed or upset? What do you notice that you do differently?
4. Pete Greig says, “God does not leave us to suffer alone” – is this something that you have experienced? Where has God met you in your suffering?
5. Do you think that it’s possible for everyone to find a purpose in – or in spite of – their pain?

Finally, Pete Greig talks about the holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl and the importance of finding some kind of purpose in spite of our pain. Take a minute or two in the silence to reflect on an area of suffering you have experienced, consider ways in which you have been able to find – or might be able to find – some kind of purpose in it or in spite of it.

You may find this prayer helpful:

help me to stand today.
Temptations and trials abound.
When life hurts,
I get confused, dishonest, suspicious, and critical.
I put on the belt of truth.
When life hurts,
my relationships suffer—especially my relationship with You. I put on the breastplate of righteousness.
When life hurts,
I either get really lazy or I make myself really busy.
I put on the shoes of the gospel.
When life hurts,
I let down my guard and leave myself exposed.
I take up the shield of faith.
When life hurts,
my thinking gets negative and I question everything.
I put on the helmet of salvation.
When life hurts,
I’m a coward.
I take hold of the sword of the Word.
Lord, it doesn’t feel very “finished” down here.
I don’t feel very “finished’.
See me kneeling.
Help me stand.

– taken from God on Mute, by Pete Greig, chapter 10