MRBC Sunday Service – Unanswered Prayer 4

The service will be premiered on Sunday 9th May at 10-30am and be available on demand for about 28 days.

Please note that all the notices for the week ate at the end of the video this week, so do hang on after the blessing. At the very end of the video, Pete Greig introduces us to a free daily devotional resource that equips you to pray the Bible each morning and night called Lectio 365. Find out more about the app:

For Discussion & Reflection

1. In God on Mute, Pete Greig talks about our tendency to “rush the resurrection”; to “leapfrog Holy Saturday”; to tidy up the mess too fast. What is it that makes waiting with unresolved questions such a hard thing to do?
2. People often say that God’s timing is perfect. Do you agree with this? Why does he sometimes seem so slow?
3. In God on Mute Pete Greig says that “God’s silence is not his absence but rather his presence in another form”. In what ways have you experienced God’s presence in the midst of silence in the past?
4. In the midst of your pain and silence, have there been moments where you have been able to say, like Elie Wiesel, “There is God?”
5. Pete Greig shares about the significance of developing spiritual muscle memory to carry us through the darker and more difficult times of life. What does this mean for you? What ‘holy habits’ have you cultivated – or would you like to cultivate – in your life?
6. The Bible articulates the reality of life; the pain and hope coming together. Are there any particular Bible passages that have sustained you during times of trial or struggle?


If you would like to attend the Baptist Assembly online next Weekend (13th to 16th May) then you can register on the Baptist Union website. Registration is free but you will be asked to make a donation of £10 towards costs which is optional. You do not have to register if you only plan to watch the service on Sunday 16th. The link for this is on the Service Page on this website for 16th May.


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