MRBC Pentecost Sunday Service 2021

Our service premieres from 10-30am as usual and will be available here on demand for 28 days.

For Reflection & Discussion

To get the most out of these questions you may need to go through these with someone else or as part of a group. It will be worth reading through the Acts of the Apostles first with the questions below in mind. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two depending on how fast you read.

1. Think on incidents you have experienced in your life where you have witnessed or felt the power of the Holy Spirit in a dramatic way. How often have you had these experiences? How often did the apostles appear to have them?

2. Take a look through Acts and see how the apostles and churches “normally” interacted with the Holy Spirit. In what ways do you find the Holy Spirit ministering to you on a day to day basis?

3. Mark identified four ways why we may not experience the power and presence of the Spirit in our lives. How important is expectancy in our prayer lives? How is it affecting our expectancy of God?

4. Spend time in prayer asking the Spirit to open your eyes to what He is doing in your life right now and in the lives of the church family and amongst those you have recently been praying for. Why is it important to count our blessings?

5. Having counted your blessings, be prepared to share them with others both to encourage others in Christ and as a witness to those who don’t know Him yet. You have a particular opportunity to do that at the Prayer Meeting on Saturday 1st June.

BMS World Mission

Mark mentioned BMS World Mission during the service. If you want to find out more about this ministry we are part of, please go to the BMS World Mission website. If you were watching the Baptist Assembly service last week, you would have heard of their Vaccination Campaign. You can find out more and donate on this link. If you would like to read their Engage Magazine it can be downloaded in pdf form here.