MRBC Sunday Service 13th June 2021

This week’s Service is about Stepping Out In Faith and will be premiered at 10-30am on YouTube and can be viewed here on demand for up to 28 days afterwards.

For Reflection and Discussion

Read Genesis 12

1. Think of times in your life when God has called you to do something big that would involve life change or serious risk? What helped you understand the call was genuine and gave you confidence to move forward? What happened next?

2. “Faith is spelt RISK not SAFE”. Are Christians who play it safe spiritually shallow? Are there any times in your life where you regret playing it safe? Or perhaps times when you were relived that your did play it safe?

3. How often do you “count your blessings:” how important is thankfulness and worship in your prayer life?

4. Think of times in your life when you acted without discerning God’s will, or even knew what you were doing was wrong. What was the outcome?

Take time to pray, confessing times when God called and you didn’t follow, or when you knowingly acted outside of God’s purposes for you. Praise Him for His love and restoring grace that He brings us back from the sins and big mistakes that so easily beset us when we walk in the flesh and nit in the Spirit.