MRBC Sunday Service 27th June 2021

The service premieres at 10-30am and will be available on demand for 28 days.


For Reflection & Discussion

Please read Genesis 14 again before starting

1. After his debacle in Egypt Abram was blessed as he returned to Canaan. Have you ever a situation in your life that God showed you how trustworthy He is. We are told God blesses those who trust Him, but how have you found that works in your walk in life and expectation of your eternal future?

Read Ephesians 6:10-18

2. Oliver Cromwell once said “Trust in God and keep your powder dry.” What experience have you had as a Christian of being prepared to follow where God leads ? How does the “Armour of God” passage in Ephesians 6 help us to prepare to serve God in our present situation?

3. What does the part of the passage about Melchizedek tell us about the nature of worship? Mark’s sermon on the priesthood of Christ is at

4. Think of present day failures in integrity that are apparent in the behaviour of politicians, business people, influential people or just in people we know. Why do you think we often accept lack of integrity, immorality or dishonesty as a norm or acceptable? How does acting with integrity as a Christian further God’s kingdom? Think of situations you have come across where integrity has a Christian has made a difference for you or someone you know.