MRBC Sunday Service 4th July 2021

This Sunday’s service will be a Communion Service.Please have some bread and wine/juice ready. The Weekly Sheet will be available on Sunday morning.




Read Genesis 15:1-6

1. Why is it that even though we are familiar with God’s promises to trust Him, we can still find ourselves acting out of impulse, fear, doubt or for our own ends. Why is that?

2. Think of times in life when you had a “faith lift”. What caused you to want to trust God more fully?

3. Abram believed God …. Many people reject the Christian faith as “easy believe-ism.” Yet this verse is the foundation of the Bible and of the Christian faith. We can see an explanation of this in Romans 4. Why as God made it so “easy” to be right with Him? To what extent is it true that becoming a Christian is easy, but being a Christian can be very difficult?