MRBC Sunday Service 18th July 2021

This week’s service premieres at 10-30am and will be available on demand for about 14 days.


Open Doors

For more information about Open Doors and their current campaign about India and how you can help go to

For Reflection and Discussion

Read Genesis 17

1. In what ways do Christians show that they follow Jesus? What sorts of thing do you think tends to put people off Christians? What do you think impresses them? Try to think of examples of each from your experience.

2. Abram and Sarai got new names when they trusted God and those names reflected that trust. What changes to our status occurred when we trusted Christ? How do you think that this should be reflected in our lives?

Read Colossians 2:9-15

3. From this passage, what is “a circumcision not performed by human hands.” When does it happen to those who follow the New Covenant? What does it involve? Why is baptism such an important outward sign of it? What else should show that circumcision not performed by human hands?