MRBC Sunday Service 29th August 2021

This week Mark will be exploring the choices we make in life and will be preaching from Joshua 24.


For Reflection and Discussion

Read Joshua 24 again.

1. Knowing that God gives us a simple choice about trusting Christ or not, why do we often find that we have to make such a bewildering number of moral choices in life? How do we navigate our way through them as God’s people?

2. Why was it so important, do you think, that Joshua challenged the people as to whom they should serve as the conquest of Canaan ended and the people settled?

3. Why is it important to fear God particularly in developing a healthy spiritual life?

4. We are all familiar with the idea that we must serve the Lord, but why is sincerity and truth so important in our service?

5. Take time to reflect on those things in our lives and in our society right now that easily become idols in our lives. How do we rid ourselves of them and how can we support one another rin doing this?