MRBC Sunday Service 19th September 2021

This week Mark continues his series on John the Baptist, the New Testament’s worst dressed evanglist. In our service, Steve will be focussing on the work of the International Justice Mission as we mark Freedom Sunday.

For Reflection & Discussion

Read Luke 3:1-20

1. Read Isaiah 40:3-5. Apart from fulfilling the prophecy literally, what were the advantages for John’s mission by being “a voice crying in the wilderness?”

2. Why is “having the anointing” so important when we do the work of God, or when we are seeking for someone for leadership or other important ministry roles?

3. When is “unconventional” right and “conventional” wrong? Who determines what is conventional anyway? What role does the Holy Spirit have in conventionality?

4. Why is truth, righteousness and justice so important in the message and lifestyle we should seek to project? What if that makes us unpopular? If we are, is that a problem with the word of God (the message) or the messenger?

5. Look at Romans 10:8-14. Why is speaking Good News so important? Can we really function as Christians or Church without Jesus as the ultimate focus? How can we ensure that we keep that focus?

International Justice Mission

This morning Steve talked about the International Justice Mission’s Freedom Sunday. For more information about IJM, Freedom Sunday or to give to IJM, then please click here.