MRBC Sunday Service 17th October 2021

This Sunday we will be exploring issues of standing for our faith and persecution as we explore the martyrdom of John the Baptist.

For Reflection and Discussion

Read Mark 6:14-29

1. John got himself jailed by calling out Herod and Herodias for their lack of integrity. Can you think of any examples in the modern world where Christians have got themselves into hot water for standing against civil authorities?

2. Because we live in a society where people are allowed to speak out and demonstrate their views, and try to change public opinion, Christians have an opportunity to be part of lobby groups and demonstrations. Where do we draw the line as to how far we are prepared to get involved? How does your faith play a part in that?

3. Read 1 Peter 3:15. Why is this verse so important when we share Jesus with people who have beliefs very different to ours?

4. How do we deal with people who always take offence to our being a Christian or who think we are nuts?