MRBC Sunday Service 31st October 2021

Our service this Sunday focuses on Hallowe’en. Where did it come from and what should our approach be to it?

For Reflection & Discussion

1. How did you mark Hallowe’en in your younger days. How has it changed from your perspective in the last few decades?

Read 1 Corinthians 10:14-22

2. In what ways do you think that Hallowe’en is a form of idolatry? In what ways do you think it presents spiritual danger to those who think it is nothing but a bit of innocent fun?

3. There are a number of situations in the Bible where flirting with or even embracing idolatry had serious consequences for the Israelites and the early church. Pool your knowledge or look upon Google to work out what God’s attitude was to other gods.

Read Ephesians 6:10-18

4. We are strugling with “principalities and powers” – enemies we only have limited knowledge about. Even that being so, why can we have confidence that we are overcomers. That being the case, why are we commanded to free from idolatry?

5. How may the modern observance of Halowe’en be harmful to individuals and society?


During the service Delyth mentioned TWAM, a worldwide mission based here in Suffolk, in Ipswich. To find out more, here’s their website.