MRBC Communion Service December 5th 2021

Our service this Sunday commences at 10-30am and will be a communion Service. Mark is our Speaker and he will be preaching on “New Growth”.

For Reflection & Discussion

Read Isaiah 10:1-19

Take a look through this chapter. The destruction of Israel, Assyria and eventually Judah was prophesied as being God’s judgement and God’s hand was in it. What were the reasons given here for it and by all means add other references from scripture? What was the time scale over which prophesies like this were given and their fulfilment? Can we relate any of this to the rise and fall of modern countries and empires as some Christians do?

Read Isaiah 11:1-9

This is a famous passage we often read at Advent and Christmas which has always been regarded as a Messianic reference and is linked to the latter verses of chapter 10. What is going to be the impact of Messiah’s rule and reign? Do you think the picture of creation Isaiah gives in verses 6-9 is literal?

The kings of the Near East of that time usually portrayed themselves as powerful vanquishes of strong animals like lions or wolves. How is Messiah different?

Verse 9 refers to Filling the earth with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. What does it tell us of the Messiah’s rule and reign?