Frontline Sunday 3 Whatever we do

This Sunday is the third of our Series of Frontline Sundays. This week it’s Whatever we do. The service is 10-30am at Church.

For Reflection & Discussion

Sermon Synopsis

The sermon focuses on the idea that ‘whatever you do, do it ALL in the name of Jesus. Do it with ALL your heart.’ Many Christians live unconsciously with a sacred/secular divided way of thinking about their daily lives. Some things are accepted as being important to God, and the rest is ‘just life’. Paul will have none of that thinking – he uses the phrase ‘whatever you do’ in a worship context (15–17) and in an everyday work context (22–24). The idea of doing something in someone else’s name is that you are acting as that person’s representative. If that person is Jesus, that changes everything! It’s this attitude to the ordinary joys and challenges of our everyday tasks and activities that can mark us out as Christians.


1. What difference do you think it makes to do things ‘in the name of Jesus’ in our everyday lives? Reflect on the things you’ve done today. How do you imagine yourself doing these things ‘for the Lord’?

2. In verse 17, this seems to be in the context of our gathered worship. How can our worship be offered in the ‘name of Jesus’?

3. In verse 23, Paul encourages the slaves to work ‘with all your heart, as working for the Lord.’ What does that mean for us today?

4. Paul says that people will be rewarded by the Lord as they work ‘for the Lord’. What do you imagine this reward might involve?

5. We learn the ways of Jesus as we are involved in our daily tasks. What are you learning about the ways of Jesus at the moment?

(For Small Group Leaders ) There are more activities listed in the Small Group Booklet.