The 2021 Nativity Service @ MRBC

We’re doing something different for our Nativity Service this year. Never mind your age, you can be part of the action as we perform Bob Hartman’s The Impossible Promise which has been released through Bible Society. All you need is to turn up dressed as Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, an angel, or a wise man/king. You costume need not be complicated – something white for Mary, a towel on your head and a carpentry tool for Joseph, a towel on your head and a walking stick for a shepherd, something glittery like a tinsel halo for an angel and a crown for a wise man – or just use your own imagination! We’ll also be singing dome favourite carols

It all starts at 10-30am on Sunday 12th December, so do come along and worship Jesus!

You can find out more about Bible Society and support them at .

MRBC Communion Service December 5th 2021

Our service this Sunday commences at 10-30am and will be a communion Service. Mark is our Speaker and he will be preaching on “New Growth”.

For Reflection & Discussion

Read Isaiah 10:1-19

Take a look through this chapter. The destruction of Israel, Assyria and eventually Judah was prophesied as being God’s judgement and God’s hand was in it. What were the reasons given here for it and by all means add other references from scripture? What was the time scale over which prophesies like this were given and their fulfilment? Can we relate any of this to the rise and fall of modern countries and empires as some Christians do?

Read Isaiah 11:1-9

This is a famous passage we often read at Advent and Christmas which has always been regarded as a Messianic reference and is linked to the latter verses of chapter 10. What is going to be the impact of Messiah’s rule and reign? Do you think the picture of creation Isaiah gives in verses 6-9 is literal?

The kings of the Near East of that time usually portrayed themselves as powerful vanquishes of strong animals like lions or wolves. How is Messiah different?

Verse 9 refers to Filling the earth with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. What does it tell us of the Messiah’s rule and reign?

MRBC Communion Service 7th November 2021

For Reflection & Discussion

1. How did you fare spiritually during the Lockdowns and the pandemic generally? Was it dificult? Was there anything uplifting and positive? How are you now finding church as it’s so different from before?

2. What sorts of things do you think hold you back from living a victorious Christian life? How do you think the verses from Romans 8:31-37 may help you to overcome the gap you may feel between what the Bible tells us and how you feel right now?

3. Consider the following verses, some of which we read last week. Ephesians 1:18-21, 1 John 4:4, Colossians 2:15, John 10:10 and John 8:44b. How apparent in our church and in the community do you think the influence of principalities and powers is? How can our knowledge of Jesus’ victory help us to address them?

MRBC Prayer Meeting 6th November 2021

Please note that the Prayer Meeting starts at 10am at the church.

Opening Devotions


Prayer for National and International Issues

– COP26

– Covid 19

– shortages in the shops

Prayer for local ministries

– Town Pastors – recently restarted between 6 and midnight on Saturdays

– The Compass – very busy new charity linking those needing help woith those providing it.

– CAP – busy at the moment – please pray that supply of help can keep up with demand


– Hope Trust – pray about the selection of replacement(s) to the Taylors

– Walton Parish Nursing

– Fun and Faith – pray that the plans for the Lights Switch–on will go smoothly

– Churches Together in Felixstowe. Pray for an encouraging meeting on Monday and for “new blood” for the Steering Group and Officers


– give thanks that services are up and running again

– pray for forthcoming serivces – Annual Service, Advent Sunday, Nativity Service, Carol Service, Christmas Day, New Year

– pray for new families to join the church and also for what we should do as regards ministry to families.

– pray for those in the church who are unwell

– pray for those who don’t feel they can return to church as yet.

– pray that we will have a strong grasp of what God is calling us to do as a church over the coming months.

MRBC Sunday Service 31st October 2021

Our service this Sunday focuses on Hallowe’en. Where did it come from and what should our approach be to it?

For Reflection & Discussion

1. How did you mark Hallowe’en in your younger days. How has it changed from your perspective in the last few decades?

Read 1 Corinthians 10:14-22

2. In what ways do you think that Hallowe’en is a form of idolatry? In what ways do you think it presents spiritual danger to those who think it is nothing but a bit of innocent fun?

3. There are a number of situations in the Bible where flirting with or even embracing idolatry had serious consequences for the Israelites and the early church. Pool your knowledge or look upon Google to work out what God’s attitude was to other gods.

Read Ephesians 6:10-18

4. We are strugling with “principalities and powers” – enemies we only have limited knowledge about. Even that being so, why can we have confidence that we are overcomers. That being the case, why are we commanded to free from idolatry?

5. How may the modern observance of Halowe’en be harmful to individuals and society?


During the service Delyth mentioned TWAM, a worldwide mission based here in Suffolk, in Ipswich. To find out more, here’s their website.

MRBC Bible Sunday Service 2021

This week it’s our annual Bible Sunday Service with material from Bible Society.

There were two videos for Bible Sunday, a talk on what Bible Society is about by Dai Woolridge and the sermon byJoseff Edwards. If you would like to see them, please email Mark and he will send you a link for them.

We are not taking an offering for Bible Society during the service but you can support them financially by going online at or by phone on Freephone 01793 418222 or by post to Bible Society, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7DG. The website has more details of how you can obtain their regular prayer newsletter.

For Reflection & Discussion

Based on Isaiah 55:1-11. Do read or watch Joseff Edwards’ sermon on our website.

1. What has it been like for you to have come out of Lockdown?

Read Isaiah 55:1-3

2. In what ways does God provide for the different kinds of thirst we have in life?

Read verses 5-7

3. What is the nature of the call God gives us as His people today? What message do we speak?

Read verses 10-11

4. What sorts of things are we are afraid of as we seek to reach out to others after the pandemic? How does this passage help?

MRBC Sunday Service 17th October 2021

This Sunday we will be exploring issues of standing for our faith and persecution as we explore the martyrdom of John the Baptist.

For Reflection and Discussion

Read Mark 6:14-29

1. John got himself jailed by calling out Herod and Herodias for their lack of integrity. Can you think of any examples in the modern world where Christians have got themselves into hot water for standing against civil authorities?

2. Because we live in a society where people are allowed to speak out and demonstrate their views, and try to change public opinion, Christians have an opportunity to be part of lobby groups and demonstrations. Where do we draw the line as to how far we are prepared to get involved? How does your faith play a part in that?

3. Read 1 Peter 3:15. Why is this verse so important when we share Jesus with people who have beliefs very different to ours?

4. How do we deal with people who always take offence to our being a Christian or who think we are nuts?