MRBC Sunday Service 12th September 2021

In our Sunday service this week Mark will be leading the first in a series on John the Baptist at 10-30am. The Weekly Sheet will be posted here nearer the time.


Reading Luke 1: 8-17 and 67-80 again.

1. Have there been times in your life where God has really surprised you? How did that affect your walk as a Christian?

2. It could be argued that Elizabeth getting pregnant was enough of a sign that what the angel said was true, so why did Zechariah ask for a sign in addition to that? What did his being mute accomplish? Should we be asking for signs, wonders and miracles? If so, what do we think they will achieve for us and others? Think of how most people come to Christ.

3. Look at verses 67-80. How much was the prophecy of Zechariah for us now and how much was fulfilled at the time?

4. Think of ways in which we are special to God and think of what verses in the New testament may support that? How does our knowing we are special to God influence our walk with Him?