The Pentecost Communion Service 2022

Our Service today is for Pentecost and is the culmination of this year’s Thy Kingdom Come. It is at 10-30am at the church. There will be no Zoom coverage this week.

For Reflection & Discussion

As preparation, read Acts 2 and Isaiah 6.

1. Have you ever had a life-changing experience, whether positive or negative? Is it something that still affects your life, or is it something you would prefer to forget?

2. What about encounters with God you’ve had? How dramatic was that encounter and what was your response? If it was years ago , how are you living up to that now? Do you feel you need a fresh filling of God’s Spirit?

3. Why is it important that we try to recognise the work of God in our lives and His glory in the world around us? How do we turn that into something God can use in our lives? Try to think of ways that God is working in us and through us now?

4. Feel blessed if God decides to do something spectacular in our lives, but should we need God to do that in our lives for us to be mature, healthy Christians?