MRBC Sunday Service 21st June 2020

The questionnaire for “What will MRBC look like after lockdown?” is below. If you want to mail us the questionnaire, then print off the PDF file and send it. If you want to fill it in on your computer or tablet, then download the DOCX file, complete it and send it as an attachment. Details of where to send it are on the questionniare.

Organisations dealing with slavery and justice issues

International Justice Mission is a well-known international Christian organisation dedicated to ending slavery.

Joint Policy Issues Team is a joint project between the BU, Methodists and URC to research and respond to the major justic issues in the UK and internationally.

Tearfund campaigns on a range of justice, development and environmental issues

For Reflection & Discussion

  1. Take a look at the following verses: Psalm 9:9, Psalm 82:3, Proverbs 31:8-9, Job 5:15-16, Jeremiah 22:3. How do verses like these help us to understand God’s attitude towards the weak and oppressed?
  2. What arguments do you think Christians in the 18th and 19th centuries used to justify their support or at least their condoning of black slavery and the slave trade? Why do you think seemingly good people stand by and tolerate injustice in their land or abroad?
  3. Take a look at Numbers 14:17-18. There is a train of thought that suggests that we often have to live with the consequences of past sin through subsequent generations. In what respect are some countries and peoples reflecting past sins in relation to slavery? Can Christians bring healing into this situation?
  4. Take time to reflect on how your thinking towards racial issues may be affected by your past and what you pick up from the world. How does that differ from what Paul says in Colossians 3:11?
  5. You may find you need to do a little research online to explore some of these issues. Take time to pray through them afterwards.