C-Kers Online 3

Hi everyone and welcome to our latest C-Kers online. We start off this edition with a magic video from a guy called Nick who has a little furry rabbit friend called Stew.

Well, that was cool wasn’t it? Our Biblestory this time is again about Elijah who got himself into a “knotty” position by telling King Ahab that the land was going to have no rain for years, because Ahab had sinned against God by worshipping false gods called Baal and Asherah. Everything dried up and we saw last time that Elijah left Israel and stayed with a widow and her son. He was away for three years and now God was going to call him to return to Ahab for a big showdown! You can read the story in I Kings 18 . It’s a long story to read so we’ve put a link in to a video about it below.

Great stuff, eh. There was nothing magic to it either – God did really drop fire from heaven! God wants to reveal Himself to us if we really want to know Him. All we have to do is ask. He doesn’t usually drop fire from heaven, but reveals Himself to us in many ways, including the Bible, our Christian friends, and church activities like C-Kers.

Here’s a prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you want everybody to know about you and to trust and follow Jesus. Please show me more of what that means, that I may too know that you are real and that I can know you personally. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Here’s a few activities to keep you occupied if our drought ends and rain keeps you indoors in the next week. Or just sit ouside in the sunshine and do them!

What’s a rain stick? Read through the instructions, get the bits and pieces and find out! When you’ve done that, try these two activity sheets. You’ll need to print them off.

That’s it for this edition. Here’s a song. How do you get to heaven? Any idea? Well, it’s not on the back of a camel! See you next time.