MRBC Sunday Service 10th October 2021

For Reflection and Discussion

Read Matthew 11:11-19 and John 3:22-30

1. How do you cope with change? How did you cope with the rapid changes that resulted from Covid and lockdowns? How are you responding at present to the changes in church?

2. How did John the Baptist respond to the loss of his ministry? What do you think we can learn from his response and Jesus’ attitude to him?

3. What were the priorities for believers in the messages of John and of Jesus? How may those help us determine how we go forward as a church? Consider these possible for “going forward” – or a combination of them:

  • A return to old ways we did some time ago when the church was thriving
  • Following trends within the community and society to try to engage with them
  • Seeking God’s will and way even if the result doesn’t seem fashionable.

4. How may the first few verses of Matthew 11 help in understanding the key to what will truly make a difference as week seek to share Good News? How do you think we should proceed with that?