MRBC Prayer Meeting 6th November 2021

Please note that the Prayer Meeting starts at 10am at the church.

Opening Devotions


Prayer for National and International Issues

– COP26

– Covid 19

– shortages in the shops

Prayer for local ministries

– Town Pastors – recently restarted between 6 and midnight on Saturdays

– The Compass – very busy new charity linking those needing help woith those providing it.

– CAP – busy at the moment – please pray that supply of help can keep up with demand


– Hope Trust – pray about the selection of replacement(s) to the Taylors

– Walton Parish Nursing

– Fun and Faith – pray that the plans for the Lights Switch–on will go smoothly

– Churches Together in Felixstowe. Pray for an encouraging meeting on Monday and for “new blood” for the Steering Group and Officers


– give thanks that services are up and running again

– pray for forthcoming serivces – Annual Service, Advent Sunday, Nativity Service, Carol Service, Christmas Day, New Year

– pray for new families to join the church and also for what we should do as regards ministry to families.

– pray for those in the church who are unwell

– pray for those who don’t feel they can return to church as yet.

– pray that we will have a strong grasp of what God is calling us to do as a church over the coming months.